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Zoran Music Zoran Music - Biography

Zoran Music, who was born in the vicinity of Triest, became famous for his poetic figurations that seem to elude from any epochal classification.
The encounter with Viennese Art Nouveau and late Impressionism count among the most decisive influences for his oeuvre, additionally. he was confronted with gestic abstraction in Paris in the 1950s. However, Zoran Music's works, lyrical views of the soul, are largely figurative. Zoran Music, who was active as painter, graphic artist and drawer, was intensively occupied with landscapes and animal paintings, nudes and portraits. He worked up his time in the concentration camp Dachau in his touching "Totenbildern" [Paintings of the Dead] from the 1970s. In his late period shadow-like figures and the motif of the "Viandante", the eternal traveller, enter his work.
Zoran Music's oeuvre has been internationally honored in numerous exhibitions, such as the large Paris retrospective (1995) and the show "Zoran Music: Eremit - Zeitzeuge - Philosoph" in the 'Klosterneuburg Sammlung Essl' (1999).

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