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Salvador Dalí Salvador Dalí - Biography

The Spanish surrealist artist Salvador Dali doubtlessly counts among the most famous artists of the 20th century.
His encounter with the Italian Pittura Metafisica and the psychoanalysis of Sigmund Freud fueled his interest in the surrealist movement, which he joined in Paris in 1928. He would soon become the movement's most important and most consistent representatives. In his paintings, prints, sculptures, photographs and films, Salvador Dalí captured the hallucinatory world of his subconsciousness in a hyper-realistic Verist Surrealism. In doing so he employed the self-developed method of the trance-like "Paranoid-Critical Activity.
The unbelievable intensity of the distressed dream worlds of Salvador Dalí largely made for his fame as one of the greatest visionaries in art history. Numerous honors, among them the appointment to honorary doctor of the Académie de la Fourrure and to knight of the Alexander Order pour le Mérite for Science and Art as well as countless international exhibitions deliver proof of Salvador Dalí's extraordinary significance for art.

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Dalí, Salvador - Ball-point drawing  
Dalí, Salvador
Cavalier féminin, Judith portant le crâne du général Holopherne (Livre de Judith)
Signed, dated
Ball-point drawing, 1964
2,800 EUR
2,856 USD
2,352 GBP  
3 days 06h:27m  

Dalí, Salvador - Drawing  
Dalí, Salvador
Étude pour une composition cubique corpusculaire, au verso étude de têtes féminines
Drawing, 1963
4,000 EUR
4,080 USD
3,360 GBP  
3 days 06h:28m  

Dalí, Salvador - Ball-point drawing  
Dalí, Salvador
Nus érotiques
Ball-point drawing, 1966
2,250 EUR
2,295 USD
1,890 GBP  
3 days 06h:28m  

Dalí, Salvador - Ball-point drawing  
Dalí, Salvador
Nu féminin allongé, au verso nu féminin debout avec manuscrit "CAPITAINE / BONJOUR ! / S.D"
With signature and inscription in center right
Ball-point drawing, 1972
3,600 EUR
3,672 USD
3,024 GBP  
3 days 06h:29m  

Dalí, Salvador - Photography  
Dalí, Salvador
Porträtfotografie von Salvador Dalí
Photography with complimentary signature in the image
Photography, 1975
1,350 EUR
1,377 USD
1,134 GBP  
3 days 06h:29m  

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