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Richard Müller

Richard Müller was active as painter and graphic artist in the late 19th and early 20th century. Having received his education at the Royal Saxonian Porcelain Manufactory and at the Dresden academy, Richard Müller's career began with a professorship at the academy, in 1933 he was promoted to be director.
As far as his style his concerned, Richard Müller was influenced by various sources. His subjects, elaborately executed with a great love for the detail in the manner of the old masters. He made, among others, gracile nudes and both heroic as well as cute animal depictions, which often have a surreal effect with their bold depiction of the objects. Richard Müller possessed mastery in both painting and graphic art. Particularly his etchings, which show notions of the great etcher Max Klinger, are worthwhile mentioning, as they earned him an acknowledgement in his lifetime that can still be felt on the art market today.

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