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Marcel Duchamp

Marcel Duchamp doubtlessly counts among the most influential artist personalities of the 20th century. The early works by Marcel Duchamp were still inspired by Cubism and photographic experiments. In these works Marcel Duchamp showed great mastery in capturing motion in form of simultaneous illustrations on the canvas. Even before Marcel Duchamp gave up painting entirely in 1918, he had made objects such as the "Bicycle Wheel" (1913) and "Fountain" (1917), a urinal with an upside-down signature, with which he would make art history. As these works, usually referred to as "Readymades", all radically questioned art, Marcel Duchamp did not only make them artworks through his artistic work on them, but already by deciding to make them works of art. The innovative and ground-breaking artworks by Marcel Duchamp, which are milestones on the way to Surrealism and Dadaism, are represented in the most renowned museums, among others, in the Museum of Modern Art in New York.

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