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Jürgen Brodwolf Jürgen Brodwolf - Biography

The Swiss Jürgen Brodwolf is regarded an important artist of post-war figuration in the environment of Fantastic Realism.
In 1959 Jürgen Brodwolf, who had shortly come into contact with the Informel a little earlier, came up with the leitmotif of his art: He developed the famous "Tubenfigur" [Tube Figure], a human body formed from a squeezed tube of paint without lid, fragmentary without head or arms. Jürgen Brodwolf varied this archetype in numerous genres: Besides paintings, hand drawings and print art, he also made plastics and objects with often surprisingly new material effects. The "Tubenfigur" occurs in the oeuvre of Jürgen Brodwolf as a profound, often melancholic existential symbol.
Jürgen Brodwolf, who taught at the School of Applied Arts in Pforzheim and the Academy of Fine Arts in Stuttgart, is represented in numerous public collections, among them the Harvard University Art Museum in Cambridge / MA or the Museum Folkwang in Essen.

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