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Giuseppe Santomaso Giuseppe Santomaso - Biography

Giuseppe Santomaso counts among the most important representatives of the Italian Informel.
While the art of Giuseppe Santomaso in the years before the war was dominated by the occupation with the modernist figurative avant-garde movement, his style changed to abstraction as of the 1950s. Giuseppe Santomaso, founding member of the group "Fronte nuovo delle arti" and the follow-up group "Gruppo degli Otto" (also: "Otto pittori italiani"), established an abstract art with occasional figurative references, that used color surface compositions in both paintings and an vast graphic oeuvre. Besides the geometrical surface abstraction, particularly informal works with a spontaneous duct make up the oeuvre of Giuseppe Santomaso.
Works by Giuseppe Santomaso, participant in the first three documenta shows, are shown in international public collections, such as the Art Institute of Chicago, the New York Guggenheim Museum or the Galleria Civica d'Arte Moderna e Contemporanea in Turin.

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Santomaso, Giuseppe - Lithograph in colors  
Santomaso, Giuseppe
Ohne Titel
Lithograph in colors, 1987
260 EUR
265 USD
218 GBP  
3 days 06h:50m  

Santomaso, Giuseppe - Lithograph in colors  
Santomaso, Giuseppe
Luce e quasi ombra
Lithograph in colors, 1989
150 EUR
153 USD
126 GBP  
3 days 06h:51m  

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