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Ewald Mataré Ewald Mataré - Biography

Ewald Mataré is regarded a master of classic modernist sculpting and graphic art.
Ewald Mataré, whose early painting was close to Expressionism, attained his characteristic style in the early 1920s: Inspired by the shapes of driftwood found on the shores of the North Sea, he walked the path to an iconic abstract and reduced design vocabulary. The animal is in the center of his woodcuts and sculptures, infused with a deep and almost mythic feel for the order inherent in nature. Ewald Mataré soon made a name for himself and was appointed professor at the Düsseldorf Academy in 1932 by the advocacy of Paul Klee, however, he was dismissed as "degenerate" by the National Socialists and could not return to his post before 1945. Joseph Beuys was among his students.
The important artist Ewald Mataré was recently honored with the exhibition "Ewald Mataré Plastik. Eine rheinische Privatsammlung" by the Museum Kurhaus Kleve.

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