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Christian W. E. Dietrich gen. Dietricy

Christian W. E. (Wilhelm Ernst) Dietrich called Dietricy counts among the most renowned representatives of late baroque painting in Germany. He received his artistic training as a young boy through the important landscape painter Johann Alexander Thiele. In the further course of his life, Christian W. E. Dietrich called Dietricy should see the highlights of his career in Dresden in Saxony, as this was where he had been appointed court painter.
Paintings by Christian W. E. Dietrich called Dietricy cover a wide range of topics, from idyllic landscapes and pastoral scenes that already hint at Romanticism, to portraits and religious subjects that are characterized by an easy yet poised stroke of the brush, a delicate coloring and a diligent composition. Among the numerous sources of inspiration Antoine Watteau or Rembrandt are particularly worthwhile mentioning. Christian W. E. Dietrich called Dietricy also attained great mastery in etching and engraving, both genres captivate the observer with their extraordinary line management. Due to their particularly appeal works by Christian W. E. Dietrich called Dietricy are sought-after collector's items.

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