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Bruno Bruni

Bruno Bruni ís regarded an important representative of Fantastic Realism, at the same time he is probably the most renowned Italian artist in Germany.
Bruni, who was born in Gradara near Pesaro in the vicinity of Rimini, has been living and working in Hamburg for more than four decades, there he also studied at the Academy of Visual Arts; among his teachers were the well-known Gresko and, following after his death, the important fantastic realist Paul Wunderlich. Bruno Bruni was in close and meaningful friendship with the artists Rudolf Hausner and Horst Janssen, whose works can also be ascribed to this style tendency. With his drawings, lithographs, paintings, sculptures and arts and crafts, Bruno Bruni stands in the tradition of Fantastic Realism and has produced technically significant graphic works of a melancholic-surreal figuration.
Bruno Bruni was honored with the International Senefelder Prize for Lithography in 1977 geehrt.

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