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Armin Sandig

Armin Sandig counts among the most important German contemporary painters and graphic artists. Born in Hof in 1929, the enormous artistic talents of Armin Sandig did only unfold on the basis of an auto-didactic training. Informal art should serve as a major source of inspiration throughout the Armin Sandig's life, which is why the the artist's oeuvre comprises eloquent gestural renderings that have been flung onto the canvas with powerful strokes of the brush. His colorism oscillates between cheerful colors and a delicate softness. His graphic works, particularly his etchings in colors captivate the observer with their subtle and delicately executed lines and color compositions. Even though most of his works are abstract, the observer still manages to discover figurative elements in them. The oeuvre of Armin Sandig has been honored with countless one-man shows and publications since the 1940s. Important international collections such as the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam or the Staatsgalerie Stuttgart are in possession of his works today.

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