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Alois Janak

It is hard to believe that the artistic development of Alois Janak is entirely based on auto-didactic efforts. Prints by Alois Janak are subtle and aesthetic to such an extent that it is difficult to not succumb to their charm. The artist's range of creation is extremely wide: Besides gouaches, etchings, watercolors or drawings, both in form of appealing miniatures as well as in larger formats, Alois Janak deliver proof of his talents as a commercial artist who designs charming art card motifs.
Sheets by Alois Janak reveal their particular charm through their delicate depiction of the motif with a great love for the detail, among his preferred motifs are flowers, ships, landscapes and still-life-like arrangements, which captivate the observer with their poised lines, an earthen coloring and their dream-like fantastic imagery. It is particularly the drawings that call reminiscence of the old masters. The motifs are often completed by a swung typeface, thus resembling old illuminated manuscripts. All these features make graphic works by Alois Janak sought-after collector's items.

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