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Almir da Silva Mavignier Almir da Silva Mavignier - Biography

The Brazilian native graphic artist, painter and poster artist Almir da Silva Mavignier became one of the main representatives of concrete art and Op Art in Germany in the 1950s.
Almir da Silva Mavignier had already made his way to geometric abstraction as early as in 1949, which he realized with his concrete pictures (as of 1952) and since the mid 1950s with his famous "Punktbildern" [Dot Images], grid structures and Op Art works. The highly decorative compositions play with color and form and create surprising geometric effects, for instance through the even distribution of elements of the same shape but of different sizes. Trained at the renowned Ulm university of design under luminaries such as Max Bill and Josef Albers, Almir da Silva Mavignier was appointed professor at the 'Staatliche Hochschule für Bildende Künste' in Hamburg in 1965.
Almir da Silva Mavignier has been honored with many international single exhibitions and took part in renowned group exhibitions, such as the innovative "Neue Tendenzen" [New Tendencies] in 1961.

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