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Wassily Kandinsky Wassily Kandinsky - Biography

Wassily Kandinsky doubtlessly is one of the most important artist personalities of the 20th century. The art of Wassily Kandinskys is inseparable from Expressionism and the "Blauer Reiter" [Blue Rider], the famous group of artists, of which Kandinsky was one of the founding members. After an early period of creation that was coined by a figuration influenced by Fauvism and Bavarian reverse glass painting, Wassily Kandinsky gradually attained an abstract imagery, in which the outer effigiy was displaced by form and color as an expression of inner sensation, as the artist explained in 1911 in his ground-breaking writing "Concerning the Spiritual in Art". With their poetry, rhythm and power Wassily Kandinsky's paintings and graphic works are true masterpieces of Expressionism.
Wassily Kandinsky's teaching activities, which finally led him to the Bauhaus in 1922, were just as innovative. The amount of exhibitions, retrospectives and publications that honor Wassily Kandinsky's oeuvre are simply uncountable.

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Kandinsky, Wassily - Line etching  
Kandinsky, Wassily
Vignette für den Almanach "Der Blaue Reiter"
Line etching, 1911
1,350 EUR
1,607 USD
1,242 GBP  
25 days 03h:32m  

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