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1945 - now  (77)
19th Century Abstract Art Post-War Bauhaus Concrete Art Figurative Painting (1900-30s ) Figurative Painting (40s-60s ) Figurative Painting (70s - contemporary) Informal Photography Pop art Surrealism ZERO
1900 - 1945  (21)
19th Century Expressionism Fauvism Figurative Painting (1900-30s ) Figurative Painting (40s-60s ) Impressionism Informal Northern German Paintings- 19th Century
before 1900  (15)
19th Century Biedermeier / Empire Figurative Painting (1900-30s ) Northern German Paintings- 19th Century Old Master Paintings

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1. Looking for Art?

A quick search and a list of categories can be found in the column on the left. They will help you to quickly find just the item you are looking for.

2. How can I bid?

If you are using Fine Art Auctions for the first time, you must start by registering. This only takes a few moments. After you have logged in, you can enter a maximum amount in the space for bids provided next to the item you want. Please remember that this maximum amount will only be used to the extent necessary to beat all other bidders.

3. What is the procedure?

If you are the highest bidder, you will receive a confirmation by email as soon as the auction has closed. The invoice will be posted to you by the seller shortly afterwards. As soon as it has been paid, the items will be delivered to your door, professionally packed and freight paid inside the EU Countries. The price given at the auction is the final price, including delivery costs inside the EU Countries and statutory value-added costs (where owed)! For deliveries outside the EU you will recieve a shipping proposal. Auction surcharge is not incurred. You have the unrestricted right to revocation within 14 days. We should also like to draw your attention to our 5-year guaranty of authenticity.

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