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Walter Dexel Walter Dexel - Biography

The Munich painter, print artist, designer, commercial artist and doctor in art history Walter Dexel is regarded as one of the key figures in German Constructivism and Concrete Art.
It was through his occupation with Cubism and the examination of works by the Bauhaus master Lyonel Feininger that Walter Dexel found his way to abstract compositions based on clear fundamental geometric structures. First, as of 1917, this way took him to a Cubistic abstraction followed by an abstract Constructivism, before he reached a complete abstraction. In 1923 Walter Dexel joined the vanguard "Novembergruppe" [November Group]. Together with his friend, the Dada grandmaster Kurt Schwitters, Dexel, who also was a gifted commercial artist, joined the "Ring neuer Werbegestalter" [Circle of New Graphic Artists] in 1928. After 1933, defamed by the National Socialist dictatorship, Walter Dexel interrupted his career, it was not before the last years of his life that he returned to art.
Works by Walter Dexel are in possession of numerous renowned museums. The museum in Wiesbaden organized a retrospective of his graphic art in spring 2010.

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