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Victor Vasarely Victor Vasarely - Biography

The Hungarian Victor Vasarely, innovative graphic artist and painter of international distinction, went down in art history as the founding father of Op Art.
In 1930 Victor Vasarely, who had studied commercial art in Budapest, settled in Paris, where he worked as a commercial artist up until 1947. He soon explored the innovative potential of graphic design. Realizing that a strict geometrical form can also trigger sensual effects and emotions, Victor Vasarely brought a geometric use of forms to perfection and experimented with the repetition of its elements, in order to create kinetic effects in the eye of the beholder - this laid the basis for the central idea of Op Art.
The establishment of the Vasarely Foundation in Aix-en-Provence (1976) as well as the Vasarely-Museen in the Hungarian town of Pécs (1976) and in the Budapest castle Zichy (seit 1987) are proof of Victor Vasarely's fame.

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Vasarely, Victor - Silkscreen in colors  
Vasarely, Victor
Ohne Titel
Signed and numbered
Silkscreen in colors, 1965
680 EUR
734 USD
592 GBP  
17 days 22h:04m  

Vasarely, Victor - Silkscreen  
Vasarely, Victor
Silkscreen, 1964
1,690 EUR
1,825 USD
1,470 GBP  
17 days 22h:04m  

Vasarely, Victor - Silkscreen in colors  
Vasarely, Victor
Antworten an Vasarely / Réponses a Vasarely
Signed on title sheet and with number in imprint
Silkscreen in colors, 1974
2,570 EUR
2,776 USD
2,236 GBP  
17 days 22h:04m  

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