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Ronald Searle

The English drawer and caricaturist Ronald Searle counts among the most important and most influential graphic artists of the 20th century.
Ronald Searle is a true multi talent, as he has mastery in all genres and styles between abstraction and Naturalism, in doing so, he always stays a graphic artist - painting has never been of any interest to him. Ronald Searle became famous after 1945 for his harrowing drawings from Japanese war captivity, but most of all for his world-renowned cynical-funny sheets about the ill-bred girls of the girls school St Trinian's. In all their variety, the caricatures and drawings of Ronald Searle, which he mostly made for international magazines such as the English satire magazine "Punch", the American magazines "Life" and "New York Times", the "Spiegel" and "Le Monde", are coined by his characteristic style.
The largest part of Ronald Searle's estate is kept by the Wilhelm-Busch-Museum in Hanover. There and in London two large exhibitions are organized in 2010.

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