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Otto Greis

Otto Greis belongs to the protagonists of the German Informel. His painting should come to full bloom after World War II, as the young painter had seen an exhibition with works by the artists' group "CoBrA", which left a deep impression on him and paved the path for the artists informal painting. The exchange within the artists' group "Quadriga", which Otto Greis founded with Karl Otto Götz, Heinz Kreutz and Bernard Schultze in 1952, was just as fruitful. After Otto Greis had at first made impulsive artistic renderings that he cast onto the canvas in strong strokes of the brush, he gradually attained a more delicate and lighter color application as of the late 1950s, which added a fascinating shimmering light to his pictures. An emphasis on light effects, which was even increased in the 1960s by the application of several translucid layers of colors, would become characteristic. Today the acknowledged works by Otto Greis are in possession of renowned museums, such as the Landesmuseum Mainz.

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