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1945 - now  (70)
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1900 - 1945  (18)
19th Century Expressionism Figurative Painting (1900-30s ) Figurative Painting (40s-60s ) Modern Abstract Art School of Munich
before 1900  (11)
19th Century Old Master Paintings School of Munich Secessionism

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Max Bill Max Bill - Biography

Max Bill is both the main international representative and main theorists of Concrete art.
Based on the ideas of Theo van Doesburg and ground-breaking innovations of the Bauhaus, where Max Bill had studied under Wassily Kandinsky, Josef Albers, László Moholy-Nagy, Paul Klee and Oskar Schlemmer in the 1920s, the artist attained his own mathematical concepts of abstract Concrete art. The art of MAx Bill is based on clear geometrical basic structures in all genres - painting, print and sculpture. These structures are composed in ever new and varying contexts. While the sculptures by Max Bill unfold their full effect in their monochromy, his graphic art and paintings shine in lucent and pure colors.
Countless exhibitions, large retrospectives (Ulm 1956, Munich 1957, Frankfurt a.M. 1987) and significant honors deliver proof of the exceptional rank of the founding father and first dean of the Ulm School of Design in 20th century art history.

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