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Max Ackermann Max Ackermann - Biography

The painter and graphic artist Max Ackermann is regarded as one of the most innovative persons in German art of the 20th century: The continuation of Adolf Hölzel's teachings made Max Ackermann a precursor of abstraction, mentioned in the same breath with Paul Klee and Wassily Kandinsky.
The impressive versatile oeuvre of Max Ackermann began with Art Nouveau, showing notions of influence from Henry van de Velde, Franz von Stuck and Hans von Marées, and reaches all the way to absolute abstraction. Max Ackermann's occupation with music-like harmonies of form and color are a red thread in his work. His trend-setting development started out in the late 1920s, when he began to subordinate details to more and more abstract images - the reference to reality was gradually effaced in favor of compositions of forms.
Works by the much-honored Max Ackermann were shown in numerous important exhibitions and are in possession of many renowned national and international museums.

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