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Ludwig Meidner Ludwig Meidner - Biography

Ludwig Meidner counts among the most important German artist personalities. Initially inspired by expressionist art, the early paintings by Ludwig Meidner gain their characteristic nature through demonstrative compositions of form and color. Among the highlights from these days is the "Brennende Stadt" [Burning City] from 1913, in which Ludwig Meidner strikingly depicted the blazing inferno in an expressive gesture. In general, his preferred subjects, not only in painting and graphic art but also in writing, were of existential nature in the face of experiences made in two world wars. Additionally, his oeuvre comprises portraits and self-portraits, religious scenes as well as landscapes and city views.
Ludwig Meidner, who belonged to groups such as the "Pathetiker" or the Berlin "Freie Secession", was defamed as 'degenerate' by the National Socialists. A late productive but isolated period of creation made for the final chord of his multi-faceted oeuvre. Today works by Ludwig Meidner can be found in renowned collections.

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