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Kurt Mühlenhaupt

Kurt Mühlenhaupt counts among the most acknowledged German artist personalities of the 20th century. The trained model maker only began to study art in Berlin after World War II. The image worlds that Kurt Mühlenhaupt created in paintings and graphic works depicted reality and sprang from his imagination alike. Part of his oeuvre are eloquent portraits and atmospheric landscapes, but also charming depictions of animals. Kurt Mühlenhaupt always stayed true to his naive and touching style.
Among the artist's main works is the Museum Bergsdorf, a baroque estate, which the artist transformed together with his wife into a culture estate. The mansion is also home to a flock of cute animals, for instance the frog "Elvis", the cock "Gagarin" or the domestic swine "Julchen", which the artist had conceived and portrayed in his paintings. Additionally, the place is also inhibited by the charming "Dudu-Midgets", which were also made up by Kurt Mühlenhaupt. They seem to keep the memory of their imaginative creator alive.

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