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Jasper Johns Jasper Johns - Biography

Jasper Johns counts among the luminaries of US-American Pop Art. Everyday objects take a central position in his work, he either integrated them into his paintings in a neo-dadaist sense or made them the central object of depiction. Consequently, he created masterworks in which he softened the borders between art and reality, furthermore, he ennobled everyday objects to objects of art - particularly his depictions of numbers and his "Targets" are prime examples thereof. His "Flags" have become icons of Jasper John's art. In his gestural approach Jasper Johns always kept the connection with Abstract Expressionism. The employment of encaustic, a hot wax painting technique that has been used since ancient times, is another characteristic feature of his art. He applied this technique to newsprint.
Works by Jasper Johns are in possession of renowned museums all over the world. Countless exhibitions and numerous awards, among others, the "Grand Prize for Painting" of the Venice Biennale in 1988, are proof of the multiple documenta participant's international artistic rank.

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