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Neapel - Oil on canvas

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Munich, Germany

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Ansicht des Golfes von Neapel mit dem Vesuv. Um 1840 /50 s.
Oil on canvas.
27.7 x 151 cm (10.9 x 59.4 in).
Verso of stretcher with old label inscribed by hand. [CB].

PROVENANCE: Private ownership Germany (in family possession since acquisition in Italy in 1863).
Private collection London, since 2006.

Ever more people who did not visit Italy as artists but as mere observers were seized by the longing for the distant land even before the mid 19th century. Indeed, it was the beginning of a kind of tourism, so that many local artists decided to capture the landscape of their home in paintings, watercolors and gouaches. These landscape views, of which many were of high quality, became popular souvenirs. The Gulf of Naples was an ever fascinating motif– the blue sea in the foreground, the town glistening in Mediterranean colors and the dangerously smoking or even lava emitting Vesuvius in the background. Goethe described the discrepancy he felt when ascending the Vesuvius: "The most magnificent sunset, an Elysian evening rejuvenated me upon my return, but I felt how disturbing this tremendous contrast is. Terror and beauty, beauty and terror, canceling one another out and making for an indifferent sensation. Surely, the Neapolitan would be different if he was not locked between God and Satan" (quote after: Hubert Schrade, Deutsche Maler der Romantik, Cologne1967, p. 94).

Mackled. Minimal isolated craquelée. With numerous, however, small isolated retouched spots. With tiny dent in upper left of canvas with faint blemish of layer of paint. Stretcher slightly pushing through in upper and right margin. Edges retouched and slightly rubbed. All in all in good condition. Firmly mounted in narrow latch. The object remained framed for cataloging.
For information concerning the condition, please view the high resolution image / backside image.

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