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Art (1945-contemporary) > Pop art Valerio Adami - Biography

Valerio Adami - Silkscreen in colors

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Munich, Germany

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Sphinx. 1970.
Silkscreen in colors.
Signed, dated and numbered. From an edition of 200 copies. On thin board. 55.5 x 41.5 cm (21.8 x 16.3 in). Sheet: 65 x 50 cm ( x 25,6 in).
Printed by Volpini, Milan.
Sheet 1 from "Graphikmappe des Schweizerischen Kunstvereins", 1975. [CB].

Next to inspirations from Italian tendencies like Milan Futurism or Pittura metafisica, it especially is Bacon's visionary painting, the occupation with Matta's spacial concept and both English and American Pop Art that coin the development of Valerio Adami. Adami attained his independent narrative figuration in the early 1960s. The artist borrows the iconographic repertoire of his motifs, assembled from fragmentary forms like a puzzle, from the world of comics. His themes touch issues of big city people that he works up after own photographs in at times oversized formats. Adami's works challenge modern industrial societies and their inhospitality, they are critical, ironic, autobiographic, surreal, complex and deeply psychological, so that they elude interpretation despite formal clarity. "Valerio Adami's graphic and pictorial creation seems to be an attempt of a tremendous synthesis that is unmatched in contemporary art. [..] Everything is transformed to a form that is deeply rooted in art history, Antiquity, Classicism and Modernism." (Ex. cat. Die Galerie, Frankfurt 1996, p. 15). Adami's carreer is accompanied by very successful exhibitions in Europe and the USA. The artist lives in Milan, Paris and Arona.

In good condition.
For information concerning the condition, please view the high resolution image / backside image.

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