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Horst Egon Kalinowski

Horst Egon Kalinowski counts among the most versatile and influential artist personalities of the 20th and 21st century. After extensive studies in Düsseldorf, Italy and Paris, Horst Egon Kalinowski began to develop new forms of plastic expression in a very own style. By experimenting with materials in his pictures, Horst Egon Kalinowski eventually attained the so-called "Caissons", wooden objects covered with leather. These works appear archaic and yet warm, nourishing and protecting, which is largely due to the leather's color. At a later point his oeuvre was completed by bronze plastics and hanging sculptures. His reliefs and graphic prints, mostly etchings and lithographs, are also abstract, their coloring follows the earthen and warm color values of his objects.
Works by Horst Egon Kalinowski, who was, among others, awarded the Burda-Prize and the Erich-Heckel-Prize by the Künstlerbund Baden-Württemberg, are in possession of renowned museums like the Kunsthalle Bremen today. Additionally, they can be found in public spaces.

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