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Heinz Kreutz

Heinz Kreutz counts among the most influential artist personalities of the German Informel. The group "Quadriga", which he founded with Karl Otto Götz, Bernard Schultze and Otto Greis in 1952, and its potential for permanent artistic renewal, should play a groundbreaking role for the development of informal painting.
In their gestural and free style the paintings, drawings and graphic works by Heinz Kreutz, the latter occupying a large part of his oeuvre, are coined by softly-colored renderings that resemble color clouds on the one hand, but also by powerful and dark strokes of the brush that have been flung onto the canvas. Particularly his watercolors and color pen drawings often have a delicate and subtle appearance.
In order to honor his merits for the art of the German Informel, Heinz Kreutz and his "Quadriga" companions were awarded the notable "Binding-Kulturpreis" in 2002. Up until today the works by Heinz Kreutz have been shown in numerous exhibitions, the most recent one in the Wetzlar Kunstverein (2010).

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