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Günther Uecker Günther Uecker - Biography

Günther Uecker counts among the most popular German artist personalities of the post-war era.
Followed by his studies at art academies in Wismar, East Berlin and Düsseldorf, the first "Nagelbilder" [Nail Images] were made as early as in 1957, which subtly play with effects of Kinetics and Op Art. Up until today the have made major contributions to the popularity of Günter Uecker. The nail picture's toiling and monotonous process of creation is also a form a meditation - an aspect that also characterizes the concept of art of the group ZERO, which Günther Uecker joine in 1961. Graphic prints occupy a special and independent segment in the work complex of Günther Uecker's oeuvre.
Günther Uecker, who participated in the documenta several times, as well as in the famous exhibition "nul" in the Amsterdam Stedelijk Museum in 1962, was honored with numerous national and international exhibitions. He was awarded the Federal Cross fo Merit (1985) and the Order Pour le mérite for Science and Art (2000).

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Uecker, Günther - Multiple  
Uecker, Günther
Do it yourself
Signed lower right
Multiple, 1980
511 EUR
552 USD
445 GBP  
20 days 8m  

Uecker, Günther - Lithograph  
Uecker, Günther
Signed, dated and inscribed "H
Lithograph, 1986
680 EUR
734 USD
592 GBP  
20 days 8m  

Uecker, Günther - Lithograph in colors  
Uecker, Günther
Signed, dated and inscribed "e/a"
Lithograph in colors, 2013
1,690 EUR
1,825 USD
1,470 GBP  
20 days 8m  

Uecker, Günther - Lithograph  
Uecker, Günther
Bewegungen I, II, III, IV
Each signed, dated, inscribed "Oktober 1980" and with sheet number
Lithograph, 1980
2,250 EUR
2,430 USD
1,958 GBP  
20 days 8m  

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