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Gerhard Hoehme Gerhard Hoehme - Biography

Gerhard Hoehme counts among the biggest names of German informal art. Completely in harmony with the basic principles of the Informel, Gerhard Hoehme had declared the radical rejection of a geometrical abstract painting and the establishment of an art that is obliged to the spontaneous process of creation. He consistently pursued these intentions as a member of the "Gruppe 53", as the artists group was a platform for the development of informal art in Germany.
The innovative oeuvre of Gerhard Hoehme was ground-breaking in this respect. The processual painting act, which adds eloquent stories to the paintings, as well as the inclusion of different structures and materials, which bestowed a certain haptic and yet sculptural quality upon the paintings, became characteristic of his art. Gerhard Hoehme made the step to the "shaped canvases" after the mid 1950s and went beyond traditional image formats. His so-called open images began to explore space outside the canvas.
Countless exhibitions in Europe and the USA, as well as awards and honors, e.g. a scholarship at the German Academy Villa Massimo in Rome in 1960, are proof of Gerhard Hoehme's artistic rank.

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