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Fritz Stuckenberg

Fritz Stuckenberg counts among the most important representatives of German Expressionism. After several studies of arts, among others architecture and painting, Fritz Stuckenberg moved to Paris, the then center of avant-garde art, in 1907. It was in this extremely fruitful environment that his art came to full bloom. However, contact with German avant-garde artists remained his main driving force after the return to his home country in 1912. The artist showed works in Herwarth Walden's "Sturm" exhibition as well as in joint exhibitions with Dada artists, he came in contact with members of the Bauhaus and joined the "Novembergruppe".
In terms of style, his expressive paintings, which combine both figurative as well as abstract tendencies, are characterized by a refined coloring. His graphic works captivate the observer with their subtle lines and a delicate palette.
Defamed as 'degenerate' by the National Socialists, Fritz Stuckenberg's oeuvre was increasingly honored in exhibitions and a permanent representation in the 'Städtische Galerie' Delmenhorst in recent times.

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