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Ernst Wilhelm Nay Ernst Wilhelm Nay - Biography

Ernst Wilhelm Nay, who was celebrated as the "European Pollock", is regarded a mediator between Modernism and post-war avant-garde, as well as precursor of the Informel and Abstract Expressionism.
Ernst Wilhelm Nay, who was making figurative surrealist art in the years before the war, gradually approached the Expressionism of Ernst Ludwig Kirchner in the 1930s and was defamed as "degenerate" during National Socialist's dictatorship, finally attained his famous abstract color compositions after the war. It was particularly the disc as an elementary form of concentrated energy that became the carrier of Ernst Wilhelm Nay's art, which had reached complete abstraction in the 1950s.
With his "Scheibenbilder" [Disc Images] Ernst Wilhelm Nay was much celebrated at the documenta II in Kassel in 1959, at the documenta III in 1964 he even had his own exhibition room. Worky by Ernst Wilhelm Nay are in possession of renowned public collections and have been honored in both national and international single exhibitions.

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